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Phrasal verbs with 'Put'


Phrasal verbs are a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a combination of both. In professional life, people use phrasal verbs in their communication. To understand these phrasal verbs, you need to understand them and use in your conversation. Today, we will learn phrasal verbs with put.


7 phrasal verbs with put

1. Put on

Put on means to become fat or gain weight.


You have put on a few kilos of weight since the last time we met.

Why don’t you try to put on some weight?

Put on also means to wear something.


Can I put on this dress for my friend’s birthday party?

Put on this dress fast. Our guests are on the way.

2. Put up with

Put up with means to tolerate.


I can't put up with her anymore, she is crazy.

Why are you putting up with your neighbour? Just go and complain.

3. Put across

Put across means to communicate something.


Whatever feelings you have towards him, just put across.

I just want to put across my point to the HR.

4. Put off

Put off means to delay or postpone.


I just put off my meeting.
Listen, Sheela just because I am not coming to Goa, don’t put off the plan.

5. Put Back

Put back means to return an object to the location where it came from.


After you are done using the water colours, put it back to the shelf.

Once you have read the book put it back in her study room.

6. Put down

Put down has three meanings. The first one means to write on a piece of paper.


Put down all the things that you are going to need in the shopping list.

Why don’t you put down your feelings in a letter?

The second meaning is to criticize and humiliate.


My brother puts me down every time when I try to say something.

Why don’t you put him down when your parents are listening to you?

The third meaning is to kill an animal that is sick, old, suffering, or dangerous.


When our dog was very ill, we decided to put her down.

A poisonous snake entered our society, our watchman put it down.

7. Put away

Put away means place an object in its proper location.


Put away that doll from where you brought it.

Clean your cupboard and put away your clothes properly.

You will understand these phrasal verbs when you understand their meaning and start using them in a sentence. You can join a spoken English course to help clear your basic concepts of English and grammar.

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- By Chander Madan

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