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Phrasal Verbs with Take


Phrasal verbs are a combination of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a combination of both. There are many phrasal verbs in  English language, and therefore, memorizing them is a little difficult. The best way to learn is by learning them as they come across. Let’s learn phrasal verbs with take.

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7 Phrasal Verbs with Take

1. Take something down

There are two meanings for the phrase take something down:

a. Separate a structure into parts


After the event was over, the volunteers took down the banners.

b. Write information on paper


During her phone interview, she took down the questions that were asked.

2. Take something in

Take something in has two meanings:

a. Receive and understand information


My professor was so fast in solving the sum that I couldn’t just take in .

b. Make clothing smaller so that it fits you


Shivani’s dress is a little loose so I asked her to take it in by an inch.

3. Take off

Take off has three meanings:

a. Become successful or popular very fast


In the last few years, Instagram has taken off all over the world.

b. Leave a place suddenly ( This is used in an informal sentence)


They were at the reception for about an hour, and then they took off.

c. An airplane leaving the ground and going up into the air


When does the plane take off?

4. Take up

Like the other phrases take up also has two meanings:

a. to begin a sport, hobby or a challenge


Why don’t you take up a beauty course?

b. To fill space


Isn’t that cupboard taking up lots of space in the bedroom?

5. Take something back

There are two meanings for the phrase take something back:

a. Return something to a store


The t-shirts I bought were too small, so I took them back and exchanged them for a larger size.

b. Admit that something you said was wrong


I am sorry I said you were a psycho. I take it back.

6. Take out

There are two meanings for the phrase take out:

a. To remove


The robber took out his gun and shot the policeman at the railway station.

b. To go on a date with someone


He is taking me out to Ooty.

You will understand these phrasal verbs when you understand their meaning and start using them in a sentence. You can join a spoken English course to help clear your basic concepts of English and grammar.

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- By Chander Madan

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