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Singular and plural nouns including irregular plural nouns


English, as a language, is very humorous and tricky. Learning it is a step by step process. There are enormous things a person can learn from this language. However, when it comes to learning English you might get confused as to where to begin. You can take a baby step by starting a habit of reading books. Reading helps you develop vocabulary. This makes you learn new words and terms for a single word. There are almost more than four or five meanings of each word. Slowly you can develop listening skills by watching movies and listening to radio channels in English. You can also maintain a diary and note down the new words that you observed in a conversation. This will help you with usage of words in a sentence depending upon a situation.

Apart from reading and writing, grammar is one of the most important thing to learn as it forms the base of English language. So, let’s start with basics by understanding singular and plural nouns.

Singular nouns and Plural nouns

A singular noun explains one place, person, thing or idea.


Mita has one 'pen' in her bag.

Whereas, a plural noun is the one which explains more than one place, person, thing or an idea.


Mita has two 'pens' in her bag.

Generally, while converting a noun from singular to plural, we add 's'.


She had a big gang of five boys and eight girls.
We visited zoo and saw many animals.

Apart from adding ‘s’ to a noun, there are several other rules which can make a word plural. When a noun ends in ch, x, s, z or sh then we add 'es' to make it in the plural form.


All batches are starting from 1st June.

The boxes are too heavy to carry.
She buzzes me around 10 am everyday.
His wishes have come true.

Irregular nouns

An irregular noun do not add a final '-s' to make the plural. They change the spelling internally to modify into plural form.

When a word ends in f or fe then we change 'f' into 'ves' to make it plural.


Shahjahan had 17 wives.
I use different types of knives for different vegetables.

When a word ends with 'is' we replace 'is' with 'es' to make it plural.


They did an in-depth analyses for the project.

My friend has written many theses during her Ph.D.

There are a few nouns that remain unchanged in their plural forms.


He saw four sheep.

Two deer were fighting.

The above examples will make a clear picture of irregular plural nouns. These will surely help you improve your English and writing skills. You can avoid most grammar error by joining an online English course and learning the basics.

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-By Chander Madan

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