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Subject, Predicate and Object


In any language, grammar plays a significant role. It is very essential to comprehend the basics as they are very useful in forming a sentence. A sentence is always made up of subject,verb, predicate and object. They together perform a major role of a building block that completes the sentence formation. Therefore, identifying them is crucial as they will guide you in writing and in speaking good English. Today, we will learn in-depth about subject, predicate and object.


Subject and Predicate

When you write a sentence, you either describe something or express your feeling or ask a question. The subject is a word (noun) that refers to a person, thing or a place. The subject tells us what the sentence is about whereas the predicate or verbs explain what the subject does or is doing. In other words, the predicate follows the subject and explains an action which is done by the subject.


· Ram arrived late.
· Varsha made a vegetable soup.
· The children are tired.

In the above examples, the highlighted words are subjects as they are nouns.

Let us take some examples for identifying predicate:

- The lions roar.

- The dogs bark.
- John Sena is a wrestler.
- Roar and bark show an action done by the subject whereas in the last example ‘is’ connects the subject and explains that he is a wrestler.

Sometimes, pronouns are used instead of nouns in a sentence. The common pronouns are I, you, he, she, it, we, and they.


- Laurence danced well on the stage.
- She even waved her hand to the audience.
 In the second sentence, a pronoun (like a noun) is the subject of a sentence.


Objects also function as a nouns/ pronouns. Here, instead of performing an action they receive the action and are always  followed by the verb.


· The boys threw eggs.
· The teacher drank the soup.
· Prasad dropped at the office.

It is very easy to identify the objects. You just need to ask a question, what is the subject doing? The answer what you get is the object as explained in the above sentences. Take this test and try to identify the subject, verb and object.

(1) Mr. Subramaniam donated 1000$ to the charity.

(2) After the last dance, the dancer hurled his cap to the crowd.
(3) After dinner, Veena went with Tia.
(4) Divya gave her favorite bag to Boris.
(5) Very slowly, Pamela opened the door.

Subject, object and predicate form the basics of grammar. With practice you can get your concepts more clear. You can develop a holistic understanding of grammar by enrolling in an English speaking course online.

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-By Chander Madan

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