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The use of noun and verb phrases


Noun phrases:

Noun phrases are made up of a noun and all its modifiers. It functions in a sentence as a subject, an object or even a compliment. Some noun phrases begin with an infinitive (to tell) and some with a gerund (telling).


In simpler words, a noun phrase refers to a group of words that play the role of a noun. Also, like all phrases, a noun phrase does not have a subject and a verb.

Let's take a look at a few examples that will help understand the meaning and use of a noun phrase better!


1. Normal noun: The cat could not jump off the wall.

Noun phrase: The stout cat could not jump off the wall.

2. Normal noun: Return the book back to the library.

Noun phrase: Return the book back to the ancient library.


Identify which of the following is a noun phrase:

1. Green salad is a popular lunch here.
2. That boy wasn't worth the fun.
3. I love it when I stare blankly into the blue skies.
4. When would the ice cream man come?
5. The jeep failed to cross those murky waters.


Noun phrases: 1, 3 and 5.

Verb phrase:

A verb phrase basically consists of a main verb as well as one or more helping verbs, its complements and objects. In simpler words, in English grammar, a verb phrase is a verb which is more than one word. This means that it includes one or more than one helping verb along with a main verb.

verb phrase


1. Normal verb: She cycled quickly to school.

Verb phrase: She was cycling quickly to school.

2. Normal verb: These coins are worth hundreds of Rupees.

Verb phrase: These coins may be worth hundreds of Rupees.


Identify which of the following is a verb phrase:

1. My mother fixed us some dinner.
2. The professor is writing a report.
3. Those girls didn't try very hard.
4. You woke up everybody in the neighborhood.
5. Rita might eat the cake.

Answers: 2, 5.

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