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Use of There, Their and They're


There, their and they’re, are one of the most commonly confused words. Although the pronunciation sounds similar, but the spelling and meaning is different. Therefore, the words are called homophones. Understanding the difference between these three words, plays a vital role in learning English. Not only does it help you in English writing skills, but also improves your English grammar. Let’s learn the usage of there, their and they’re.

Difference between there, their and they're

‘There’ has many uses in English grammar.

1. Adjective that emphasizes which person.
That guy there seems to be in trouble.

Those guys there look good.

2. Noun that means "that place."
From there, we went to New York.

No, we are not going there.

3. There is the opposite of ’here’. It means “in that place” not here.
Excuse me! Who is there?

Do you want to go there?
There is a book on the table.

is the third person plural possessive adjective which is used before a noun. It is used to show that something belongs to them.

Their friends were crazy.

Their house is big.
What happened to their dog?

is the contraction of they are and is often followed by the present participle (verb form ending in -ing).

They’re going to be late.

They’re very interested in the project.
They’re singing loudly.

So the conclusion is, when the word means “belonging to them”, use their and when you are able to replace the word use they’re. When these two don’t work then the correct answer is “there”.
Now, take this test and check how well you have understood.

1. I know ______ here somewhere.
2. We should go _______ tomorrow.
3. ______ is a store that sells those.
4. Do you know what color ______ eyes are?
5. Have you seen ______ new store?
6. I have _____ homework in my car.
7. We are going over _____ to eat.
8. It is ______ fault we can't go.
9. I wonder who _____ talking to.
10. Do you think ______ getting a new car?

Answers: 1. they're 2. there 3. there 4. their 5. their 6. their 7. there 8. their 9. they're 10. they’re

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- By Shailja Varma

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