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What are collocations?


When you start learning English you actually try to find many new methods that might help you to learn it faster. While doing so, you might come across some general tips to improve English, such as, reading books, watching English movies, reading newspaper, writing blogs etc. English as a language has many components to learn, namely, grammar, sentence structure etc. Before you start writing, you must understand what words actually pair with each other. This makes it easy to maintain the flow of writing. Have you ever wondered what are these words called?

These words are called as collocations. Let us know them in a better way. When a group of two or more words go together they are called collocations. A good way to learn collocations is to look at the words and try to match them. For a beginner, there are no specific rules to learn collocation. Since native speakers are good with their vocabulary, it makes them easy to combine words. In order to understand collocations, it is essential to read books.

Let’s take some words and create collocations:

1. Law
2. Risk
3. Conversation
4. Role
5. Money
6. Power
7. Opinion

If we take the first word “Law” we can make the following:

1. Against law

2. obey law
3. make a law
4. break a law
5. enforce a law
6. prohibit a law

Same way we will create collocations for the other words

1. Risk
2. High risk

3. potential risk
4. great risk
5. low risk
6. carry risk
7. involve in risk


1. One-sided conversation

2. get into conversation
3. start a conversation
4. deep in conversation
5. strike up conversation
6. engage in a conversation


1. Major role

2. minor role
3. key role
4. active role
5. primary role
6. leading role


1. Spend money

2. make money
3. waste money
4. control money
5. save money
6. earn money
7. invest money


1. Power nap

2. supply power
3. power cut
4. power failure
5. power outrage
6. power lines


1. Give opinion

2. ask opinion
3. talk about opinion
4. have opinion

With the above examples, you must have understood the concept of collocation. Generally, in schools, teachers and textbooks don’t provide much information about it, but in recent years, many spoken English classes have started to pay more attention towards collocation. You can join a Spoken English course and learn English grammar and its usage with ease. Learn grammar textually and implementing its theories in practicality are two different things. Therefore, it is vital to join a course that lets you understand the use of grammar in real world.

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- By Shailja Varma

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