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What are some common mistakes in preposition?



Preposition is one of the most important part of speech.

A preposition is a word that shows the relation between a word and a noun or a pronoun that comes after the preposition.


1)    The cat sat on the table.


Here the word 'on' establishes a relationship or a link between the cat and table.

2)    The girl ran towards her brother.


Here in the second sentence the word ‘towards’ shows a relation between the girl and brother.

Different Types of Preposition:

There are different kinds of prepositions. They are as follows:


Some Common Mistakes in Prepositions

mistake_in_preposition7Although prepositions are very small words like in, at, on from etc but they are considered to be the most important words in a sentence.

Without a correct preposition the sentence would become meaningless. Some common mistakes in prepositions are as follows:


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