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How to deal with complaints in the Hotel Industry?


The last thing that a customer wants to hear from you is that 'You're wrong'! They always expect you to understand them, appreciate their feedback and value the complaints they have launched against your services. When you are thrown into a situation as such, you are required to handle it with utter professionalism and polish. Make sure to have a good command over the English language and brush up on your communication skills to ensure a smooth conversation while dealing with angry customers. Let us take a look at a few things that you could say to save your customer from leaving in an anger fit.




Rules for dealing with an angry customer:


Rule 1: Listen carefully to their complaints.


Rule 2: Do not interrupt.


Rule 3: Wait until the person has finished completely.


Rule 4: Apologize.


Rule 5: Speak with an underlying remorseful tone.


Rule 6: If the guest is extremely furious, lead him/ her to a place more private to converse.




Expressions that you can use to apologize:


Expression 1: I am sorry.


Expression 2: I am terribly/ extremely sorry.


Expression 3: I really must apologize.


Expression 4: I earnestly ask for your forgiveness.


Ways to show the guest you are listening:


Way 1: Yes. I understand.


Way 2: I see.


Explaining the action to be taken:


Situation 1: Getting someone else to do something:


- Sir, I will have it sent up to you immediately.


- Ma'am, I will get it attended to you right away.


- Sir, I will make sure it is brought to you now.


Situation 2: Sorting it out by yourself:


- I will deal with this problem myself, right away.


- I will look into this case immediately.


- I will sort out this mistake right away.


Situation 3: Moving the conversation to a private place:


- Let us take this to my office.


- Would you like to come to the lounge to sit and discuss?


- Why don't we sort this issue in my office?


Practice complaints, apology, and action:


Complain 1: The bathroom is dirty!


Apology: I am sorry, Sir.


Action: I will send the cleaner up immediately.


Complain 2: The room I am put up in is extremely small, I want a bigger room.


Apology: I am sorry, Sir.


Action: I will seek for a bigger room and allot it to you right away.


Complain 3: The food is very bad and the service is very slow.


Apology: I am sorry, Sir.


Action: I will replace it right away and make sure that you get the best service we have to offer.




When working in the hotel industry, it is important for you to be able to converse smoothly with all your customers. Carrying out a flawless conversation will have your customers

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- By Monika Agarwal


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