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How to explain issues in a project functionalities?


You are in the process of coding big software for a major client when suddenly an expected error pops up. The work comes to a grinding halt and you cannot proceed further. You rush to your supervisor’s cabin with the issue for a solution. You are a bit hesitant about speaking with your boss. In such situations, professional and fluent English communication is important so that you are able to communicate with your supervisor and work together to devise a solution.

Things to remember

1. Don’t delay

If there are unexpected hiccups in a project, it is best to bring it to the notice of the higher ups and don’t delay. If problems come up later on, you can justify that you had taken the appropriate steps at the right time by highlighting the problems. In this way, no one will point fingers at you.

2. Keep calm

It is necessary to keep your cool while explaining the issues. This will help you to keep your explanation short and simple. If you worry too much, then you will stutter while explaining the situation, which can lead to misunderstandings.

Sample English Conversation:

Situation: You have encountered a ‘suite error’ while coding for an ESS software package. You approach the supervisor and tell him about the problem.

You: “May I come in, Sir?”

Supervisor: “Yes Rajat, Come in. What happened?”

You: “Sir, I was coding the SAP Software, when suddenly I received a “Minimal license type: Full Suite User” error message. As it is for an important client, I thought it best to approach you directly”

Supervisor: “You did the right thing, When did you encounter this error?”

You: “At the time of the error message, I was coding the second page on version 1.5. I don’t know what to do now and I was hoping that you would help figure out a way out.”

Supervisor: “Okay. What you need to do is put in the code h4 in your third line. This will solve your error message”.

You: “What will happen then, Sir?”

Supervisor: “You will then receive the confirmation message ‘Minimal license type: Business user’. This shows that your error has been removed”.

You: “Okay, I will implement the code. Thanks a lot for your help, Sir”.

The above conversation shows how to explain any issue or concern while handling a project process. For a concise explanation, your English speaking skills should be strong. You can improve your speaking skills with the help of free Online English lessons.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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