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How to explain the project plan to a group of senior management members?


You are the senior IT developer in your organization and you have been asked to prepare a project plan for a software deployment for a big client. If you manage to convince the board about your plan, a big promotion is in store for you. But, you are nervous as you are not confident about your explanation skills because of your lack of English communication. Relax and read on to find out how to explain the project plan to a group of senior management members.

Things to keep in mind while 

1. Confidence and manners

When you are presenting before a group of senior executives, you should sound confident and determined. This will reinforce the confidence of the management in your abilities. It's okay if you make mistakes, but be confident and recover from them. At all times, address your panel with a courteous Sir/Madam.

2. Avoid unnecessary jazz

By jazz, we mean unnecessary jargons and bloating sentences. The management team does not have the required time and patience to hear your flattering words. They are only interested in the subject matter. A project plan contains a specified format, which usually includes scope, requirements, schedule, financial details etc. Stick to it and make it as concise as possible. The senior management will appreciate that you value their time.

For this you need to know how to speak in English professionally.

Example: Don’t say “the IT industry situation in Africa will definitely help us increase our revenue, which will boost our profits, and then help us to recover our costs to the company”.

Instead it is sufficient to say, “ Our profits will increase due to the IT industry situation in Africa”.

3. Numbers

Senior executives love numbers. They are not word people. Try putting in as many numerical justifications a you can during explanations. They will appreciate that you understand their preferences.

Sample project plan explanation examples :

Follow the below conversational dialogues for an effective explanation.

A. Beginning:

“ I am Rohan Sharma and I thank you all for this opportunity to present our software project plan before you”

B. When asked a clarification or interruption:

“ That’s a good question Sir. But your concern is unwarranted.”

C. When requesting for repeat question:

“ I am sorry Sir. But I didn’t get your question. Can you please repeat?”

D. When showing agreement:

“ You are absolutely right Sir. I completely agree with you”.

E. While showing disagreement:

“ I am sorry sir. But I beg to differ” or “ I think there may be a different option, Sir”.

F. Conclusion:

“I thank you all for giving me your valuable time and I hope I was able to convince you about the feasibility of our project”.

Stick to the above examples to give an effective project plan explanation. Impress the senior management with your English conversational skills and get set for a promotion. Be confident with the help of an online English course.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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