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Etiquettes for an international call center


Congratulations on your first job in a call center! You are all set to take on your new responsibilities and can't wait to assist customers. However, before proceeding, you should be aware of the general etiquettes to be followed in your new job. Call centers are often the face of a brand's customer service and it is important to be professional for a greater goodwill. Following etiquettes in a call center will be beneficial for all the stakeholders i.e. you, your company and customers. Utilize your English speaking skills and follow the right etiquettes. In this article, you will learn about the right etiquettes to follow during different scenarios which you will face in your working routine.

International call center etiquettes

1. Politeness

Politeness is one of the cornerstones of the etiquettes to be followed at an international call center. Being always polite on call and in a work environment will help build and maintain relationship with customers and co-workers. Both are important in furthering your call center career and rising up the hierarchy. You can use the below examples while conversing.


1. "Please"

2. "Thank you"

3. "Is it ok?"

4. "Hope that's fine with you."

2. Call transfer

Often, a situation arises when you have to transfer a call to your supervisor or co-worker. In such instances, be sure to inform the customer of your intention to transfer his call. The important details that you need to note include the name of a customer, account information, call reason, co-worker's name and the transfer reason. Use the example below.


1. "Mr. Suresh, as this issue is beyond my expertise, I am transferring your call to Mr. Sharma, my senior colleague. Please hold while I transfer your call."

2. "Mr. Sharma, I am transferring a call from Mr. Suresh, Account No. 5268987, having issues with his Windows 7 registry. I am not able to solve it by myself. Request your assistance. Thanks."

3. Holds

Situations may arise where you need to place a customer on hold for getting clarifications. It is important to take the permission of the customer first and then put him/her on hold. In between holds, come back and inform the customer that the call is still on. If it takes longer than two minutes, take the customer's number and assure him that you will be calling him back soon.


1. "Sir, I may need to ask for clarification on this issue. Do you mind to stay on hold for a quick second?"

2. "Thank you for your patience Sir. Please wait for just a minute more."

3. "I am unable to give you an update at the moment. May I have your number? I will call back in 10 minutes with an update."

4. Schedule

Do not exceed your breaks. Take calls and give quality service to the customers. If you take longer breaks, the customers might get frustrated and could complain about the poor customer service. Never give a customer a chance to question your quality and professionalism.

The above five etiquettes will assist you in making your international call center workday smooth. Practice polite English conversational skills with online English guide or with the help of a colleague.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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