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How to buy a phone card for international calling in a foreign country?


You have been living in Istanbul, Turkey, for a month now and you have started to feel homesick. You wish to talk to your mother every day, but your Indian SIM calling charges are too high to fulfill your wish. Therefore, you have decided to buy a local SIM card and activate an international calling scheme.

Now, you are confused on how to converse your needs in a foreign mobile shop so that you get the best scheme. As English is the global language, it is ideal to hold your conversation in simple English. Shopping in a foreign location is easy only if you know at least one common language that is spoken in the place. Below are a few things to remember.

Things to remember when buying a phone card for international calling when in a foreign country:

1. Documentation

For every phone connection, a proper ID proof is required. As you are a foreigner, your ID document will be your passport. Make sure you take photocopies of your passport while shopping for a phone card. Different places may have different documentation requirements. It is preferable to inquire beforehand what documents need to be submitted. .

2. Activate Schemes

A normal card may be expensive to make international calls. There are various schemes available with cheaper call rates. There are also country specific rates available. Communicate in fluent English with the shop assistants and select the appropriate schemes for you. You can also ask for the scheme activation details.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: You enter a mobile shop to inquire about international calling cards.

Assistant: Hello, How may I help you today?

You: Hi, I am looking for a SIM card.

Assistant: Do you have any operator in mind?

You: I wish to have a Turkcell SIM card.

Assistant: Good Choice Sir. You want a postpaid or prepaid card?

You: The thing is I wish to call India. Which scheme will be cheaper for me?

Assistant: I would suggest a prepaid card Sir. Also, there is a scheme available in Turkcell for Asia calls.

You: Really, what are the details?

Assistant: Call charges are 1 lira per 3 minutes.

You: That's good. Is there a process for activating it?

Assistant: You have to buy international calling cards. Once you have the card, dial the special number and you will be asked to enter the destination number. The operator will then connect your call.

You: Thanks for the explanation. Please pack me one Turkcell SIM card and 2 International calling cards. What will be the total cost?

Assistant: The total cost will come to 50 liras. I will need an identification proof. Which document can you provide me with?

You: I can give you a photocopy of my passport. Will that be enough?

Assistant: That's fine. Here is your SIM card. Thank you for shopping with us and have a great day ahead!

The above sample will show you how to buy a phone card at a foreign location. You can improve your spoken English for increased confidence with the help of an online English teacher. Consistent practice is the key for strong command over English.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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