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How to describe school you attended in the past?


One phase of life, which everyone wants back, is school life. Remembering the good old school times makes you re-live those pleasant memories that shaped your life. On many occasions, you would be asked to describe your school by your friends or relatives. For example, you are in your three months of new college life and your friends ask you to describe your school life. Impress your friend circle with your strong command over the spoken English language as you glide away with a perfect description.

Things to remember:

1. Focus on main points

Try to be as specific as possible and describe your experience in short 3 – 4 lines. If you go on talking about your school as if it is one of a kind, you may come across as boastful. Hence, do not just go on blabbering about your school and instead, concentrate on main points such as the teaching style, teachers and the infrastructure. You can even speak on what makes your school unique from others.

2. List out the achievements

It is preferable to list out the achievements of your school to highlight the quality of education imparted. However, while doing this, take care to speak modestly. This does not mean that you should not take pride in your school. Bring the main achievements of your school into limelight and show why you are proud to be associated with it.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: You are hanging out with your friends in your college canteen, when your friend asks about your school life.

Suresh: So Rajat, which school did you go to?

You: I studied at Ryan International.

Suresh: Wow, I have heard it's a pretty good school. Can you tell me more about it?

You: Sure. You are absolutely right when you say that Ryan International is one of the best schools. It ranks third in the top schools in Delhi. It houses all the main study boards including state, national and international.

Suresh: Which board are you from?

You: I am from the State Board.

Suresh: What else is there in your school?

You: The teachers are well qualified and very helpful. There are extra classes to help weaker students and the school management is very student friendly. The infrastructure is also amazing. We have our own basketball and tennis courts.

Suresh: That's really nice. But what is it that sets your school apart from the others?.

You: I would say it's the teaching process. Did you know that we rarely carry our bags to school? We have our own locker system and what the teacher teaches us, we have to learn in school only. We don't have to stress ourselves with extra studies.

Suresh: Wow! That is nice. I wish I were in your school!

The above sample shows one of the best ways to describe your school. With your impeccable English speaking skills, your friends will consider you to be sophisticated and knowledgeable. Do your school years full justice with your description. You can practice describing your school with an online English teaching guide and also with the help of a friend.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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