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How to describe your favourite movie?


You have just watched the movie Gladiator and the enchanting performances by the artists have made it your favourite movie. You hang out with your friends on a weekend and the topic turns to favourite movies. Won't it be cool to take part in such discussions with your fluent English speaking skills? If you back out, it can lead to you being singled out in further discussions. Good speaking skills will help you describe your favourite movie in detail and will make you known as a communication expert  . Your friends may even watch it based on your recommendations. Below are a few things to keep in mind.


Things to remember while describing your favourite movie

1. Get background information

Since it is your favourite movie, you will put efforts in getting more information about the movie's background. This can include information on the director, stars, location and other basics of the movie. This knowledge will help you to describe the movie in greater clarity to your listeners. You can even include the place where you saw the movie, which can be a theatre or your home.

2. Summarize

Instead of narrating a two-hour commentary on the film, it is better to prepare a short summary of the movie using simple vocabulary and effective communication . It can include the main plot, beginning, climax and ending. Lengthy descriptions will only  bore your friends and turn them away. Keep your listeners gripped with proper usage of words and interesting summary. After summarizing, be sure to explain why you liked it in the first place.


Sample conversation to explain favourite movie 

Situation: Your friends are discussing about their favourite movies.

Sanjeev: So Rajat, which is your favourite movie?

You: It's the Gladiator.

Sanjeev: Oh! I have heard of it. Where did you see it?

You: I saw it in Madlabs Entertainment theatre.

Sanjeev: Can you tell us more about the movie?

You: Sure. Gladiator is the story of a Roman general who was betrayed and wrongly imprisoned. His family was murdered and he was locked in a dungeon. He was made a ring fighter and fights many opponents, ultimately raising the ranks to avenge his family's murder and to clear his name.

Ramesh: Wow! That's an interesting plot! Who directed the movie?

You: The movie was directed by Ridley Scot.

Suresh: Who are the stars of the film?

You: The main actors are Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nelson and Oliver Reed.

Rojit: Didn't Oliver Reed die during the filming of that film?

You: Yeah, he passed away during the filming due ta a heart attack.

Sanjeev: Where was the movie filmed?

You: It was filmed in Surrey, England.

Sanjeev: The movie seems to be good. Why don't you tell us the whole story?

You: I would have but there is no fun when you would watch it. So, let's save the suspense until you guys catch the movie.

favourite movie

The above sample conversation shows how to describe your favorite movie in fluent English. You can use the above pointers for describing any of your favorite things. You can look at other free English learning articles for more information and format. For any social conversations, strong command over spoken English is necessary for a good impact. Be a great speaker with the help of an established online English learning provider.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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