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How to handle a noisy neighbor?


"You can change friends but not neighbors."

Blessed are the people who have helping, caring and peaceful neighbors.  For the rest of us, we have no choice but to endure the noisy neighbors! However, what if the 'noisy neighbor' situation arises in another country, a country you are not well acquainted with? How would you tackle and go about an issue as such without being "that bad guy"? This article is written to rescue you from a situation as such. All you've got to do is hold on your English communication skills and stay calm to deal with the situation amicably.  Here are some handy tips that you can refer before dealing with such a tricky situation.

Situation:  You have recently moved into an apartment in San Francisco. Here, your neighbor seems to be a big menace for you as he parties almost every night with loud music on stereos. In spite of your humble requests, there seems to be no action. Learn how to tackle the situation in basic English without offending the other party?

Tip 1:

Direct confrontation is the key: While it is a trend to go with passive-aggressive sticky notes, it comes across a tad bit amateurish, especially when you are an outsider! It is best to take the legitimate route, be upfront and speak the issue directly with your neighbor. Inform him/ her about all the disturbances that have been created over the past few weeks, since you moved into the apartment. You would be surprised to know but at times, the neighbors themselves are unaware of the havoc that has been created in the vicinity due to their loudness. Get vocal but make sure to not go overboard in anyway as it could get a little sensitive if not handled in the right frame of mind.

Tip 2:

Be a good neighbor: Confront your neighbor with your concerns about the noise but at the same time make them feel like you're open to compromise as well. Pinpointing on someone's wrong doings isn't enough; you need to reach a common point where both get their freedom without hampering either of the party's wants. You could avoid being the bore in your vicinity by informing your neighbor about your working schedule and explaining to him/ her why your night's sleep is extremely essential, reach a consensus and respect each other's point of view.

Tip 3:

Involve the management: Many a times, you would be lucky enough to have an understanding neighbor. However, when that is not the case... make sure to approach an authority with your concerns. In foreign countries, it is considered viable to approach the management and solve your issue in a peaceful manner! You could also check your lease to learn the time constraints mentioned, and let the management know about the same.  In Basic English, mention all your issues but make sure to not make the opposition look like a maniac.

To pick up an issue with your neighbor is never a good thing, as you may need them at some point or the other. Always, make sure to tackle these issues with maturity and deep justification. Spoiling your relationship with someone isn't the way out! Speak in improved English and be wary of the word choices you make.  A friendly approach is the best way to bring up the issue. Since, you're abroad, your English communication skills are bound to play a crucial role, so focus on the words you choose. A wrong choice of words could land you in an unwanted trouble, therefore, refrain from doing so.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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