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How to inquire about local entertainment centers in a foreign location?


You have spent the first month in your new residence in London, United Kingdom, settling down and getting comfortable with your new job and daily routine. Now you want to know about places in your vicinity for winding down and relaxing. English speaking countries have ample avenues and places for entertainment and enjoyment. Use your English communication skills to ask for information about such locations. Depending on your taste, you can then decide which places suit you the most. Your foreign colleagues and neighbours can give you the best suggestions. Here are a few things to remember:


Things to remember when inquiring about local entertainment centres in a foreign location:

1. Note all the places

To let variety influence your choices, it is important to note all the entertainment centres in your location. You may not be a pub or bar person initially, but who knows? You may change your mind later. So don't limit your options and take in all the information.

2. Local newspaper listing

Reading newspaper not only improves your English vocabulary skills but also provides you with important information about local entertainment events. If you are a movie fan, you can check which shows are listed in a theatre near your locality. If you are an art fan, then see which galleries and museums are there in your location. Then you just need to inquire from your friends about the exact venue details.

3. Time

Take accurate information about when these entertainment places will be open. Some places run 24X7 while some of them are open in the evenings only. In addition, inquire about the most appropriate time to visit these places. Your friends may have some suggestions based on their experience. Visiting at the most appropriate time will allow you to enjoy your moments more.


Sample Conversation:

Situation: You discuss with your colleague during lunch break about entertainment centres in London.

Mike: So Rajat, how is it going in your new home? Is everything fine?

Rajat: Yes Mike. Everything's good.

Mike: So, what are your plans for this weekend?

Rajat: Nothing much. Hey, I was wondering if you know about any good entertainment centres around town?

Mike: Of course, London is filled with amazing places. What's your preference?

Rajat: I am looking for a fun time and am not choosy.

Mike: In that case, I will suggest you the top three places. The first is the Earls count Bar in London, which a great place. You can try a variety of cuisines and drinks over there. The second is the viscount theatre which is a huge theatre complex. You can check out the shows that are listed in the Daily newspaper. The third one is the Royal Albert Hall if you are a music fan. They hold regular concerts with world-famous composers and singers.

Rajat: That's great. When is the most opportune time to visit them?

Mike: The best time to visit is in the evening after 6.00 pm. The crowd is less and you will enjoy the most.

Rajat: Thanks. Hey, can you accompany me? We will start with Viscount Theater.

Mike: Sounds great!

The above sample shows how to inquire about entertainment centres in your location in fluent English. Take the assistance of online English classes to further improve your spoken English.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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