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How to invite people for a Christmas party?


The season of festive cheer is here and you as an HR executive want to invite your office colleagues to join in the fun and joy at a Christmas party. You are confused by the choice of words to be used as the event is an informal one but your guests are from the office. The wordings should be casual but the structure should be formal. You don't want to lose the fun of the party by using a dull office vocabulary. Entice excitement among your guests with the help of creative words and decorative cards to be used for the invitation. Read on to find sample invitations in both email and on call format.

Things to keep in mind when inviting people for a christmas party:

1. Use the right combination

The right combination of vocabulary and images will set the tone for your party. Generally, office party can be a cause of anxiety among the employees as they are going to share the floor with their higher ups. Your wordings should stress the congeniality of the event so that excitement instead of anxiety is the general feeling. Your guests should thank you for the great time that they had at the party. Moreover, the party should set the tone to begin the New Year on a positive note, with better understanding and team spirit.

Formal Invitation:

Sample HR Christmas party invites:

Fifth Annual Christmas Dinner Party

Come one, Come all to our joyful Christmas celebration!

When: Saturday 21st December, 2013

Where: Renaissance Hotel, Powai

Time: Party starts at 7 pm

Mr. Johnson Thomas will host the party and our CEO Mr. Rajat Gupta will join us in the celebrations! Participate to have a great time!

Informal Invitation:

Informal invitations will be more casual and you can use your creativity to the maximum.

Email Sample:

Dear John,

The tree is up, the lights are glowing...

It's time to celebrate with folks we know!!

Please join us at our home for Christmas Dinner Party 2013.

Sunday December 22, 2013 at 7 pm.

Park Avenue,
Central Plaza
Delhi – 40012564

Thanks and Regards,
Rajat Gupta

On call invitation:

You: Hey John, How are you?

John: Rajat, glad to hear your voice. I am good. What about you?

You: I am great. Listen, are you free on December 22nd evening?

John: yeah, I guess. Why?

You: I am throwing a Christmas dinner party and you are invited.

John: Wow! That's great. I will be there. Won't miss it for anything. So what's special for the dinner?

You: That's a surprise. Come and find it out yourself.

John: Haha! Sure will do. Thanks for the invitation. See you on Sunday.

You: Sure. Take care. Have a great day.

The above samples will help you invite people for a Christmas party, in both formal and informal situations. Decide according to the situation whether you want to invite via email or by call. In both the circumstances, your English speaking skills should be fluent. You can further improve your written and oral English skills with consistent practice. You can also take the assistance of an online English guide to help you in your English studies.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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