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How to raise a concern to parents regarding deteriorating performance of a child?


For teachers, it is crucial to build a rapport with parents as it influences a student's success. This means, beyond the customary meetings before the start of a new academic year, teachers should make efforts to keep the parents in the loop throughout the academic year. The everyday teaching routine could come in the way of communicating sufficiently with the parents. However, as and when you notice a student's track record deteriorating beyond bounds, it is critical that you inform the parents as well. In fact, many acclaimed schools, colleges as well as universities, encourage and welcome regular interaction between parents and teachers to keep them updated about their ward's growth in academia.

As a teacher, it's your responsibility to communicate the message to the parents in fluent English. And here is where your English communication skills play a vital role. Let's take a look at a sample conversation.

Sample conversation of a teacher and parent:

Situation- The student is not performing well in the class and is acting distracted throughout the day. How should you ideally put this across to the parents in simple English?

Father- Good Morning Ma'am, may we come in?

Teacher- Good morning! Sure.

Father- We are Jessica's parents. She told us that you called us at 10 this morning, so here we are.

Teacher- Yes, yes. The reason why you both have been called today is to discuss Jessica's behavior in class lately.

Parents- Okay.

Teacher- When I first met Jessica, I thought what a smart kid! She is extremely bright and has an incredible grasping power. However, the problem started two weeks ago.

Mother- Has she been misbehaving?

Teacher- Well, not misbehaving but her focus and dedication in class is lost. She's no more interested in studies and keeps on talking non-stop.

Mother- We're sorry for our daughter's misconduct but Ma'am being the mother I feel you should punish her.

Teacher- I didn't want things to go that way and hence, I decided to speak to you before taking any such action.

Father- Quite frankly, she's extremely naughty even at home. It's just her naughtiness that actually gets in the way of her academics.

Teacher- Yes. That's clear... However, nowadays, she has started showing some bad performances even in her class tests. I'm concerned because I know for a fact that she is a bright student.

Mother- Ma'am you please go ahead and take whatever disciplinary action you wish to and at home, we will ensure we train her as much as we can both behaviorally as well as academically.

Teacher- Thank you for being a great support. Together we will be able to make her learn and perform better. I'm sure.

Father- Thank you so much Ma'am for calling us over.

Teacher- You're welcome.

There you have a great conversation in simple English. Nevertheless, ensure to brush up on your spoken English communication skills to ensure there is no lack of confidence in your conversation. In addition, while speaking to parents for informing them about their child's performance, make sure you communicate effectively, honestly, understand the family's concerns, and last but not the least, inform them about the actions you will take.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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