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How to raise a query in a classroom?


You are in your accountancy class lecture, when a point made by the professor about balance sheet confuses you. You wish to clear your doubt immediately but are unsure about the best way to put across your question. This is where your English conversational skills come into play. Raise a pertinent question politely. There are many situations where you may need to clarify your doubts from your professor. Below are a few things to keep in mind.

Things to remember whenraising a query in a classroom:

1. Speak up

No matter how silly you think your doubt is, it is very important that you stand up and speak out. Many students are afraid to clarify their doubts because they are afraid of being ridiculed. However, teachers and professor appreciate students who ask doubts. It shows that they are attentive during the class. You can also note down the relevant points so that you can be more specific while raising a query. Always take care to raise your hand so that the professor notices you.

2. Request after class assistance

In case the professor is unable to clarify on the spot, you can always ask for after class assistance. Professors will gladly spare 10-15 minutes of their time to solve student's queries. In case he is busy, he will probably suggest you another time to solve your query. Requesting politely for after hours assistance is the key to successfully solving your doubts.

Sample Conversation:

Situation: There is a class on balance sheet going on in your accountancy lecture, when you raise a doubt about an entry. You raise your hand.

You: Excuse me, Sir.

Professor: Yes, Rajat?

You: Sir, I have a doubt about an entry that you just mentioned.

Professor: Okay, What is it?

You: The entry about Owner's equity being in liability confuses me. Equity is an asset right, so why is it going under liabilities?

Professor: In general terms, it is an asset. But equity is subject to market conditions and fluctuates wildly. Sometimes it increases whereas most of time it decreases. Hence it will come under liability.

You: But Sir, rising market value gives rise to profits, right? That too more that fixed assets. So I feel it should come under assets.

Professor: No, that scenario happening is a one off case. If the market value goes down, then it leads to unprecedented losses, which is against accounting safe practices. Hence, it will come under liabilities.

You: I am still not convinced Sir. Can you help me out after the lecture?

Professor: I would love to, Rajat. However, I have an immediate next class.

You: So can you please suggest me an alternative time?

Professor: Sure. How about after lunch hours?

You: Sounds great Sir. Thank you.

Professor: You are welcome.

The above sample shows the best way to raise your query. Use politeness, confidence and fluent English speaking skills to solve your doubts in details. You can polish your language skills with the help of an online English tutor and continuous practice with a friend.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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