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How to speak to Immigration officers?


You are in a foreign country for the first time for work purposes and your VISA expires next month. You visit the London immigration office and are wondering how to convince the officer to give a visa extension. Your English conversational skills play an important role in deciding how smoothly you get the visa extension. When living in a foreign location, proper legal documentation is necessary to ensure a hassle free stay. Noncompliance of legal rules can lead to imprisonment, deportation and a great deal of embarrassment. There are two main instances where you may have to deal with immigration officials - Airport and Immigration office.

A. Airport Immigration conversation

Airports are the main points of entry in a foreign location. The level of security and inspection are very high at airport checkpoints. The goal here is to not to get overwhelmed and calmly converse with immigration officials. They may tend to ask pointed questions and it is best to give accurate, honest and precise answers only. If they point some discrepancy in your papers, calmly communicate that you were not aware and ask for other options. If they insist to take you aside for interrogation and other procedures, ask for consular help. Below is a sample conversation to help you speak with immigration officials.

Sample Conversation:

Officer: Sir, May I see your papers?

You: Sure. Here they are!

Officer: Please state your full name, age and nationality.

You: My name is Rajat Gupta, Age 32 and I am an Indian.

Officer: What is the nature of your visit?

You: I am here on a work visit, to help a client in project deployment.

Officer: Your papers are in order. May I know the purpose of your work visit?

You: I am a software engineer and I am deployed on the client's site for updating their software codes.

Officer: How long will be the duration of your stay?

You: Initially, it will be for three months. If there is any further requirements, my company will update the embassy.

Officer: Okay. You may leave now. Enjoy your stay.

B. Immigration Office Conversation.

Immigration office usually helps in extending Visa's and other procedures. If your visa is about to get expired, it is advisable not to wait till the last moment and get it renewed as soon as possible. Below is a sample conversation.

Sample Conversation:

Desk Officer: How may I help you?

You: My visa is about to get expired in two months and I would like to apply for an extension.

Desk Officer: What type of VISA you currently have?

You: I have a work visa and I need it extended for another three months.

Desk Officer: What is the reason?

You: My project is not yet completed and the client is asking for an extension. Here is the letter from my client based in London.

Desk Officer: Okay. Please submit your passport copy and fill in these forms.

The above samples show how to speak to immigration officials in fluent English. To confidently ask for extensions and other visa queries, improve your spoken English with help of an online English tutor.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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