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How to talk to your neighbors explaining them about India and Indian culture?


As a citizen of India, leaving the country behind for any reason from work to a simple migration would put you through a stir of emotions. Some of you would not want to leave whereas some would love to explore the other parts of the world. India is an extremely mysterious country, especially when it comes to foreigners. An undeniable fact is that everyone abroad wishes to know more about India because it is a country that is known for its diverse culture and festivals. Therefore, describing your country and culture to a foreigner should be a moment of pride and a flow of true emotions. Let's take a look at a sample example to help you describe India and its rich culture in the best possible way. Read on...


You've are in a new country for work purpose. Your new neighbor drops by to welcome you to the locality and to introduce themselves. You as a warm host invite them in for a hot cup of Indian spiced tea. To your surprise they pounce on the invite and march right in. As a course of the conversation, they ask you about India and insist on you describing the country and its culture to them.

Conversation sample:

(Doorbell rings)

You: Good morning.

Keisha (neighbor): Good morning! I'm Keisha, your neighbor. Here are some freshly baked Choco chip cookies.

You: Wow! Well, thank you. My name is Neha. Why don't you come in?

Keisha: No... that's okay. It's just 10 am and I'm sure you'd be busy.

You: Not at all. Actually, I was just about to make myself a cup of Indian spices infused tea. Come on, join me.

Keisha: Sounds tempting. I am really happy to have an Indian couple in our vicinity. I have read so much about the country and love its culture and advancements.

You: Yes. India is a great country indeed.

Keisha: If you don't mind, could you tell me a little about your culture-rich nation?

You: Certainly. India offers an astounding variety of traits and attributes. The culture is unique as it is one of the oldest and most preserved. A little in depth reading would help you see the distinctive nature inculcated in the culture. From people's lifestyle to the food preparations, dressing and outlook; India is a country that is impossible to duplicate. Well frankly, I'm not saying this because it is my country but because that's just the way it is.

Keisha: You are so well-read and in touch with your country's state. How's that?

You: As kids itself, we are taught to follow the Indian culture as rigidly as possible. We watch India cultural programs, get in sync with Indian customs and traditions, debate on the diversity of Indian culture, and make trips to different regions in India. In fact, our parents also encourage us to dress traditionally and inculcate respectful values and last but not the least prepare mouth-watering Indian delectable cuisine.

Keisha: Neha, I'm so impressed, I can't explain further. Loved the Indian tea and the conversation as well. So glad to have you people lighten our locality.

You: I'm humbled. Thank you for the delicious cookies and the incredibly warm welcome.

There you have it! Did you notice that you happened to strike a friendship with your new neighbor by just talking about your country and its culture? That's how smooth striking a chord with someone should be. However, if your English communication skills are not as fluent, this too could get difficult. Hence, try to practice your spoken English skills as often as possible to ensure you converse in fluent English. The English language is an internationally acclaimed one and thus having a good grasp over the same will assist you in conversing in almost any country of the world.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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