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How to travel in a public transport in a foreign country?


The entire process of moving to a new country that looks nothing like your hometown or nation might put you through a culture shock. However, this is just a state of mind that you could easily get over within a few days of making the shift. All you need to do is be receptive to the fact that people do things differently in different countries and hence they are referred to as 'foreign' countries. If you are not familiar with the customs, culture or travel, get started by learning one thing at a time.

Travel for that matter is something that you would need to be accustomed to at the earliest. So, over the weekend, give yourself the opportunity to explore the travel scenario and get accustomed to everything that comes along with it.

Here are some tips that could help you gain confidence and make your daily commuting simple and self-explanatory.

Tip 1. Get a physical map of the place that covers everything from the supermarket in your vicinity to the route leading to your place of work. Such maps can be taken from the internet or are easily made available at gas stations, airport stores or in guidebooks.

Tip 2. Log on to the internet for websites secured for public transit agencies. Look for terms such a bus, train, tram, subway, monorail, ferry, etc., alongside the destination you wish to reach. A list of commuting vehicles will appear and you can choose the one according to your convenience.

Tip 3. Do sufficient research and figure out, which route and which mode of transport is more convenient for you. You can also go all out and compare the prices.

The above-mentioned three tips are extremely vital, especially when in another country and considering taking the public transport to commute.

Let's now take a look at a conversation example in fluent English to assist you in talking to and asking strangers for schedules and services in another country. Ensure to brush up on your spoken English skills to avoid making mistakes while speaking.

Situation: You're standing at a bus stop located close to your house. You wish to travel to the southern part of the city as your work place is situated there. On a Sunday morning, you decide to take the bus to get acquainted with the route with the sole motive of not landing up in a travel commotion on the first day of work. Your travel is from Charlotte, North Carolina to Charleston, South Carolina.

You: Hey! Excuse me.

Stranger: Hi.

You: I just needed some assistance, if you could help me out.

Stranger: Sure. Go ahead.

You: I'm new to this city and hence, not at all familiar with the public transport. I needed to make a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, which bus would take me there?

Stranger: Well, you are at the right stand. You will get buses that commute to that side of the city from here.

You: Great! Good to know. Also, what is the name/ number and frequency of the bus?

Stranger: The destination the bus is heading to will be written on the front. No numbers as such to keep an eye out for. In addition, when it comes to frequency, you do not need to worry as you can get the bus heading southwards every half an hour!

You: Wow! That is some good news. I'm Pankaj.

Stranger: Ren. You seem like you're from India, Am I right?

You: Yes. I am. However, have migrated here for a two-year work project.

Stranger: Oh! In that case, you should get a hold of the local transit schedule to understand the entire commuting scene.

You: From where would I get the schedule you just mentioned?

Stranger: You will get it at the local gas stations, airport stores or in guidebooks. You will also find it online after which, you could get a print of it.

You: Sounds perfect! Oh, there comes my bus. Thank you for all your help Ren, much appreciated. Hope to come across you sooner or later.

That's it, a simplified conversation in simple English. This is a classic example of how to converse with strangers and get the required help you need in a new country. Keep aside your hesitance and go all out with your queries, people will definitely help! In addition, work on your English communication skills to rule out the possibility of miscommunication.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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