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How to write a letter to your landlord about various issues at the house?


You are living in Avenue lane, New York, in an apartment on rent. The housing is good, but you are riddled with multiple indoor problems like insufficient cooling, plumbing etc. You want value for your rent money and so you decide to discuss the issues with your landlord. However, even after repeated verbal communication, there is no improvement in the situation. Finally, you decide to write an official letter to the landlord giving details on the problems, but are unsure how to proceed about it. Utilize your English vocabulary and writing skills to draft the perfect letter to your landlord.


An official letter should include all the details of your problems. It should list out the previous verbal notices, given over the issues, and any other written communication should be enclosed as well. The wordings and tone of the letter should be polite but firm. Make sure to describe the problems you are confronting due to these issues in your daily life. It is advisable to keep a proper documentation.

In case of issues like leaks, take a photo and enclose it in the letter. If possible, include the date of the document. In foreign countries, the rules are very particular about leases and most of them include general rules and procedure information.

Every rented house has a deposit policy. The repairs may or may not affect your security deposit. It depends on the kind of rapport you build with your landlord. The letter to the landlord should be to the point and mention the timeline of action expected. Follow the sample below.

Sample Letter:

Mr. Jack Brian

Avenue Domain

Sub: Housing Problems (Ac & Plumbing)

Dear Jack,

This letter refers to the previous discussions we had about the air conditioning and plumbing issues in the rented apartment. In spite of various verbal reminders over the past few weeks, I see no improvement in the situation. For your reference, I am writing this letter to list out the issues in detail.

1. The air conditioning in the room is not functional since the past one month. In this hot and humid weather, it is very difficult to stay and sleep at night. The excessive heat is also wrecking havoc on my health.

2. The plumbing system is backed up. I have to literally lift buckets of waste water underneath and throw it out. The effect this has on my health is unimaginable.

The above two issues are very serious and rendering my rented home inhospitable. I hope these problems will be rectified at the earliest or before 31 October 2013. No changes may force me to seek other options. I am open to discussions regarding the cost of repairs.

Awaiting your earliest response.

Yours truly,
Bob Sinclair


The above sample shows how to write a letter to your landlord regarding the issues you are facing in the rented home. The response will depend on how you maintain the relationship with your landlord. Use your English writing skills to the fullest extent and improve them with the help of an online English guide.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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