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What exactly does your job consist of?


Sometimes we find it difficult while communicating in a language that is not our first language. Such instances are quite often and we tend to speak with a broken confidence. Whether you are asked to speak about your company or your job profile, you may find it difficult to get the right set of words. That's when you need to ask yourself the question, "Can you speak in fluent English about your company's profile?"

Numerous situations demand you to speak about your company to visitors, potential clients as well as partners. Hence, experts in the industry suggest preparing for introducing your job profile and your company by writing it down. This article will enlighten you as to how to present your profile and your company's contour in the best light possible.

The art of describing your company:

While talking about your company, you should make use of the right verbs to describe the business activities you carry out.

Quick Tips:

Your description should answer these four vital questions in simple English:

Q1. How old is your company?
Q2. What is your company into?
Q3. Where is the company located and branched out?
Q4. What is the present state of business?


We've been around since 2003. Our company is the country's most acclaimed digital marketing firm. We are also one of the largest and widespread agencies in India. Apart from digital marketing, we have also ventured in the field of television commercials and have worked with some of the top brands, both nationally as well as internationally. Our head office is located in Mumbai and we have five branches spread across all the metropolitans in the country. Business is going well for us and we are pleased with the outcome year after year.

The art of describing your job profile:

While describing your work and profile in your company make sure to be specific and precise.

Quick Tips:

Ensure it fills in all the below-mentioned pointers.

1. Job Title
2. Company's name
3. Experience
4. Department
5. Key Responsibilities


I am a content manager at Ogilvy. I have an experience of over five years and work as the team leader for a team of seven content writers. Some of my key responsibilities include proof reading, creating unique content-based articles and directing the content team towards delivering creative and innovative content to keep our readers involved.


That's about it! Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and work toward delivering the right amount of information while describing either of the two-your company or your job profile. What you as a spokesperson need to focus on is your English communication skills as it plays an extremely critical role especially on the professional front.  Make it a point to read and learn English speaking as much as you can to eliminate the scope of making any sort of errors while conversing.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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