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Decoding body language for effective communication


Wouldn't it be a fun experience if we could decode every single movement of an individual? Well, here is some good news! You can. Decoding and understanding an individual's body language is actually an art. All of us must have been through quite a few situations when you really didn't believe what someone was saying. Well, to learn and start understanding body language, it is vital to get a hang of non-verbal communication and what each motion stands for. Confused? Worry not.

Decoding body language

This is an article that will help you learn how to decode body language and bring about effective communication skills.

The art of reading body language:

Body language can be read through gestures, movements, facial expressions, and even shifts in the body position. To develop the art of being able to learn body language, it is important for you to understand that the way one sits, stands, leans, talks; every aspect has something going on inside that can be interpreted on the outside.

First impressions is the best one

The importance of being able to read body language:

You should be aware that by being mindful of the body language and understanding it right, you can actually learn to read people very easily. This in turn will help you know how to communicate with them in a better and more effective manner. Especially, for an English learner, understanding body language is a great step towards getting comfortable while using the English language.

Some of the most common body language signs and signals that you could consider understanding and acquiring are stated below. Take a quick look:

Situation 1.

First impressions and confidence:

1. A firm posture with shoulders back and standing tall.
2. Constant eye contact with a genuine smile.
3. While conversing, gestures with arms and hands are controlled and comfortable.
4. The speech of the individual is slow, clear and full of confidence.
5. In terms of the tone of the voice, it is moderate and audible.

Situation 2.

Uncomfortable meetings and defensiveness:

1. The gestures carried out by the arms and hands are short and very close to his/her body.
2. Minimalistic facial expressions, as there is a lot churning in the head.
3. Body posture is turned away from you, displaying discomfort in posture.
4. Crossing of arms near the chest, which shows an uptight signal.
5. Eye contact is a rare occurrence.

Situation 3.


1. Eye contact is minimized or not present at all. When there is minimum eye contact, the eye movements will be rapid and will not focus on one place or thing.
2. Hands or fingers are placed close to the mouth, in some or most cases.
3. Heavy breathing is a common thing.
4. The individual begins to perspire.
5. The voice and tone of the person changes along with some throat cleaning and stammering.

Decoding body

Learning a new language does take some time and effort, however, understanding body language could speed up the process for you. You should understand the fact that you can improve your English communication skills by being able to read and interpret nonverbal communication. So, get a hold of your friends or family members and begin the process of learning English through mastering the art of body language.

Be prepared to be surprised, as you pay attention to the non-verbal cues and signals you send and receive, as your ability to communicate improves simultaneously.

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- By Chander Madan

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