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How to ask for help from other school teachers?


A teacher's life is like a roller coaster, it has its share of ups and downs. However, ask a teacher how much she loves her job, and she would go on and on describing how fun it is. Besides the fun, there are numerous responsibilities to carry out. Many of which, she manages to do on her own. Nevertheless, there are times that need her to organize an event or an annual day on a large scale. For which, help is a must!

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Asking for help is something that needs you to be polite as well as be at the top of your English communication skills. So, when you need to organize an event or annual day, what would be the right way of putting across your need for volunteers?

The below-mentioned conversation will teach you exactly that. However, make sure to read it slowly and learn the English speaking fluency to avoid making errors.

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Conversation example to ask for help from other school teachers:

Rita- Good morning teachers!

Teachers- Good morning!

Rita- As you all are aware that our school is hosting its annual day next month and this time it's no more just a small function, I would require a little help! Could I expect all of you to be proactive and help us out with the innumerable things that need to be carried out?

Meena- Sure Rita. I will be more than happy to help. You just tell me the requirements and I assure you that it will be done.

Rita- That's great! I also needed someone who could host the event. Of course, the prerequisite is that she should have amazing spoken English fluency to be able to conduct the event with great polish and finesse.

Sheela- I would love to host it Rita. From childhood itself, I've always been involved in public speaking and I like to compere events. I could do it.

Rita- Sounds good. However, make sure to brush up on your fluency in the English language, making sure you compere the event with ease and smoothness.

Neelam- I could handle the decorating part and the setting up of the event.

Rita- Perfect! I'm so glad to see all you teachers so enthusiastically participating in the preparations. Together we can make this massive event happen!

Teachers- We hope so too!

Here you have it... a simple conversation asking help to organize an event. It is best to speak in basic English while putting forward your point. Talking to your co-teachers should be an informal conversation that is to the point yet motivational to some extent. Your enthusiasm will make all the difference, encouraging the other teachers to join forces and help assist you in organizing a full-fledged event.


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