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How to complain about your colleague?


It is a known fact that life at work is hectic- the pressure, the deadlines, the nagging boss. However, what when you are put against the wall and made to deal with a rather annoying co-employee as well? Beware, as you can do a lot like, intimate your boss about the unprofessional happenings keeping your language and intent professional. Understand that when you complain to your boss about your colleague, you should not give him/her the chance to perceive you as a tattler. Instead, use your knowledge of the English language such that your boss focuses on the facts and understand the reason behind your sharing of feedback.


This is an article that will guide you as to how to ideally inform your boss about an employee who is irresponsible and lacks the skill set that a professional should have.

Here are a few questions that you should consider asking yourself before jumping into making the complaint.

Question 1.

Who should you talk to first? - Boss or colleague

As a professional employee, it is always preferable to speak to the person directly before approaching any higher authority. This is ideally done to give that individual a chance to reconsider his/her actions and correct it at the earliest. However, if the colleague is getting highly defensive and abusive, march straight into your manager's cabin. Whoever you decide to approach first, make sure your English communication skills are in place.


Question 2.

How to put across the issue to the colleague?

Talking to the colleague about the issue you are facing could be an intimidating task. You should know that it is a delicate situation and could get blown out of proportion if not handled with care. Here is an example to help you get it right.

Example 1.

Janice, lately your performance at work has been very inconsistent and unprofessional. Have you noticed that the team has been suffering the brunt of your amateurish behavior and as a concerned team, we do not want you to get in trouble. I hope you address this issue at the earliest.

complain about your colleague

Question 3.

What is the right way of putting it across to your boss?

Your approach toward informing your boss is vital. Make use of fluent English, as that will help your boss focus on the problem instead of what's wrong with your colleague. And that is exactly what you need to put across, isn't it? Take a look at some examples to help you.

Example 1.

Manoj, I've been having some trouble meeting my project deadlines as I didn't receive the information from certain team members on schedule.

Example 2.

I know we're facing some complaints from big clients; however, I want you to know that the shortcoming is not from my end. All my work is in place as per the given date.

To be a thorough professional, it is important for you to prevent these little mishaps from escalating to a whole other level, where the organization at large could get affected. Hone your spoken English skills and speak with utter professionalism addressing all the issues you are facing.

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- By Chander Madan

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