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How to talk about music in English?


Music is an essential part of our lives, so much so that it is appreciated by everyone. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and is also considered a universal language. Music is everywhere; on the radio, television, movies, as well as live performances. It is a bond that binds human beings through rhythms, tunes, a whole lot of fun and conversations. Here is an article that will teach you how to speak about music in fluent English.


Conversation sample:

Situation: You are at a coffee shop and you come across a friend of yours who has joined a band. You are intrigued and wish to learn more about the genre he is in. How would you ideally strike a conversation about the same in simple English?

playing music

Tanya: Hey James! How have you been?

James: Tanya. It's been a long time. I've been doing great! What about you?

Tanya: Yes. I've been doing fine too. Wow! Is that a guitar you're carrying?

James: Oh! Yes. That is my love.

Tanya: Interesting. So, are you a part of any band or something?

James: Yes, yes I am. I play professionally for this band called Sabbath.

Tanya: Amazing! What's the genre you guys are into?

James: We're into Indian classical rock. It's a mixed genre, but very catchy. Once you get into the groove, you will love every strum that we play.

Tanya: That's really impressive. Your passion towards music is clear.

James: Yes. So, Tanya; what kind of music are you into?

Tanya: I am a keen lover of music and any type or genre of music gets my foot tapping. However, if I were to answer your question, I would say I'm more into old school rock.

James: Great! So, let me tell you that you're going to love our band. Why don't you join me right now? I'm, just on my way for a practice session at a close by recording studio. Care to join?

Tanya: Thanks. I would love to join. Let's go.

James: Follow me.

musical instruments

If you've noticed, the above mentioned conversation is a simple example of how you can speak in English about music. Nonetheless, if you are a non-native English speaker, it is crucial for you to practice conversing in the English language before actually trying to strike a conversation. You could consider taking the help of an online English tutor, as it is a convenient as well as professional way of learning English and getting acquainted to the ins and outs of this language.

Some common sentences that you could use while referring to music in English.

1. That sounds great!
2. Perfect! This music is my style.
3. What an incredible voice, she's got.
4. I love this beat.
5. What a beautiful melody this track has got.

Ensure you practice, as that will help you develop your communication skills. Try roping in your friends and family, and make sure to have a blast throughout your English learning process.

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- By Chander Madan

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