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The art of excusing yourself for a call


You are in an important sales meeting, when suddenly your phone rings. Your dear wife is calling and you have to answer the call. Your senior managers are present and all eyes are on you. How will you excuse yourself to answer this call? Excusing yourself to get a call is part of corporate etiquette and you should do it right to make a good impression. You should use your English conversational skills to politely excuse yourself for taking a phone call in between an important discussion.

excusing yourself for a call

Things to remember when excusing yourself for a call:

1. Politeness

Always be polite while excusing yourself for a call. Abrupt interruptions can be very disruptive to meetings and the presenters. The flow of thoughts and conversations is halted only due to your call. Hence, it is only reasonable to be polite while answering your call.

2. Don't be nervous

You should not be nervous while excusing yourself for a call. It is natural to receive an unexpected call in the midst of a meeting. You should be confident enough to face the meeting and ask for a break. Confidence is the main basis for fluent English conversations.

Excusing others for a call will notify others that you are busy on a call and they will accordingly respond to you.

excusing yourself

Sample situations and dialogues for excusing:

1. At a meeting:

"Excuse me, but I need to take this call."
"Sorry for the disturbance, but I need to take a phone break."
"Excuse me, I will be back in a moment."

2. At an outing with friends:

"Hey friends, I need to take this call."
"You go ahead; I will catch up after this call".
"Just a sec, I got a call."

3. At a date:

"Sorry honey, I need to take this call."
"Could you please excuse me for a minute? I will be back after this call."
"Just a moment dear, I need to take this call".

After the Call:

1. At a meeting:

"Sorry for the long delay, please carry on."
"Sorry for the interruption".

2. At an outing with friends:

"Sorry guys, let's move out".
"I am back".

3. At a date:

"Sorry honey, where were we?"
"Hey dear, I am back."

At times you may be required to leave the meeting or any situation; you can do this by saying:

1. "I am so sorry, but there is an emergency back home. I need to leave now."
2. "I have to rush home now. Sorry guys."
3. "Sorry dear, we need to leave now."

be polite

The above sample situation and dialogues will help you learn the art of excusing yourself for a call. Use your fluent English communication skills to convey your message across. Portray a confident self while taking a phone break. For more information and help, you can take the help of an English teacher by enrolling for an online learning course. By joining such courses, you can improve your spoken English skills to a great extent. You will be more confident in dealing with any situation.

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- By Shailja Varma

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