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Must know English Travel Phrases


It’s that time of the year that brings along happiness, gifts and holidays. Yes, we are talking about December. When we are talking about December how can we forget Christmas and New Year? Christmas and New Year break is just round the corner.Holidays call for trips and most of you must have planned your trips by now. While you have decided your destination and the mode of travelling,it’s time to learn some travel phrases that might come handy as you travel. Just imagine you and your friends are going to Las Vegas for a week. It is essential to know English as you will be using it a lot at airports and different destinations.Learn these travel phrases to speak in English confidently like a native speaker.

Travel Phrases

Four phrases you must know

1. At the airport

Once you reach the airport, you will need information, such as flight number, gate number, airline etc. The following phrases can help:

a. What time is my flight?

This question is very common. Many people hesitate when asking this question.Airports are not always great for communicating travel times, but asking this question will help you in reaching your destination. If in case your flight has been delayed or departing early, asking this question will really help you.

b. What airline am I flying in?

It is essential to know which airline you are flying from. An airline is the company which owns the plane,ex: Indigo, Emirates, etc.

c. Where is my gate?

You need to understand this as this the place where you will wait before boarding your flight.A gate is the point of entry to the plane.

d. Where is the restroom?

Everybody has to freshen up and use toilets. This is the most common phrase used in almost every place. It also has many variations, every country call this room in a different way. Example: a bathroom, a washroom, the loo, the toilet.

2. On the Airplane

After you have made it through the airport and reached on the airplane. Understand these phrases and have a good flight.

a. Are meals included?

This one is essential as not all airlines provide meals. So it is good to ask if they will be providing a meal on your flight.A meal is a collection of food served at one time.

b. May I have something to eat/drink?

If in any case your airline doesn’t provide you with meals, then you can use this phrase to get some food or a drink anyway.

c. What time is it?

This is a standard question to know what time of the day it is. This may be a useful question to ask when you are flying over different time zones.

It’s a pleasure to travel by plane, especially, when you are going on a vacation. At times, it can get difficult if you are not aware of the common phrases used at the airport. So, it is important to learn English and enjoy smooth conversations. You can also join a Spoken English course and improve fluency skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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